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Closed Comedones


Closed Comedones/ Whiteheads Solution:

Advanced Treatments for Smooth, Radiant Skin 

Closed comedones, commonly known as whiteheads, are a persistent skin issue that can appear year-round. Addressing whiteheads promptly is crucial to prevent more severe skin problems. At Serene Cosmetic Clinic, we offer advanced aesthetic treatments to effectively remove whiteheads and restore your skin's smooth, radiant appearance.

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What is Whiteheads/ Closed Comedones?

Comedones are clogged hair follicles that present as raised bumps on the skin. There are two primary types of comedones: open and closed.

  • Open Comedone (Blackhead): Known as blackheads, these have an open surface, making them easier to remove by squeezing. The sebum inside the follicle is exposed to air, causing it to oxidize and turn black. 

  • Closed Comedone (Whitehead): Also called whiteheads, these have a closed surface. The sebum within the follicle hasn't contacted air, so it hasn't oxidized. Closed comedones can present as white or red bumps under the skin. White bumps show no inflammation, while red bumps indicate an inflammatory response that could progress to acne.

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Whiteheads are usually caused by the excessive production of sebum. When the opening of the hair follicle is closed due to keratinization, sebum becomes trapped in the follicle. This creates a bump under the skin without an opening on the top, known as a whitehead.

  1. Hormonal Changes: Certain behaviors like irregular sleep patterns, high consumption of fats or sugars, and a stressful lifestyle can lead to hormonal imbalances. Increased androgen hormone levels stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum, disrupting the skin's oil-water balance.

  2. Poor Diet Habits: Diets high in sugar, fats, milk, and lacking in vitamins B can increase the risk of oily skin and the formation of comedones. Individuals with persistent issues with closed comedones should reassess their dietary choices.

  3. Inadequate Skin Cleansing Routine: Both over-washing and under-washing can contribute to closed comedones. Over-washing with harsh cleansers disrupts the skin's natural oil balance, prompting increased sebum production. Conversely, inadequate cleansing, such as leaving makeup or sebum residues, can block follicles and lead to comedone formation.

  4. Psychological Factors: Emotional stress, anxiety, irritability, and anger can disrupt normal hormonal levels, contributing to skin issues like closed comedones. Regularly experiencing these emotions may affect hormone secretion and exacerbate skin problems.


Whiteheads/ Closed Comedones Improvement Treatment



Our HydraFacial treatment deep cleanses and exfoliates, unclogging pores and removing impurities, to prevent and treat whiteheads.

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Chemical Peel

We use specialized chemical peels to target and remove dead skin cells, promoting clearer, healthier skin.


Salmon DNA Skinbooster

Improve skin hydration and quality, which can support clearer skin by maintaining a balanced moisture level .



Our advanced Photofacial targets and reduces whiteheads while promoting overall skin renewal for a clearer complexion.

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