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Receding Chin/Short Chin/Protruding Mouth


The chin is a cornerstone of lower facial aesthetics, playing a key role in defining the shape and profile of your face. A well-contoured chin adds definition to the jawline and harmonizes with the nose for a balanced appearance. If you're seeking to improve your chin or lower face profile, aesthetic treatments offer a non-surgical solution to achieve a beautifully defined and balanced chin.


Why is having a well-defined chin important for facial aesthetics?

The chin is the lowest point of our face and plays a crucial role in defining our facial shape and structure. A well-proportioned chin with the right amount of projection sits almost directly under where the lower lip projects outward, providing balance and symmetry to the face. When the chin is receding or weak, it can disrupt facial harmony, making the face look unproportionate and larger.


Additionally, a receding chin can cause the mouth to appear more protruded, and the rest of the face may seem to project outward. This can be addressed by reshaping the chin and enhancing the jawline profile, which can reduce the appearance of protruding facial features. However, it's important to note that this solution is most effective when the protruding mouth is not due to malocclusion (misaligned teeth) or prominent teeth.

  • Genetic traits 

  • Malocclusion

  • Protruding teeth


How do I know if I have a short chin?
Short Chin VS Receding Chin / Weak Chin

How to Tell If You Have a Weak Chin.jpg

Short Chin:

  • Quick Check:

    • Measure the distance from the subnasal point (just below the nose) to the stomion point (midpoint of the upper and lower lips).

    • Measure the distance from the stomion point to the lowest point of the chin.

    • The ideal ratio of these two measurements should be approximately 1:2.

    • For women, a slightly smaller ratio is normal, but anything less than 1:1.7-1.8 indicates a short chin.

Receding Chin / Weak Chin:

  • Identification:

    • From a side view, a receding chin slopes back towards the neck, indicating the lower jaw is out of alignment with the upper jaw.

    • This can be evaluated using the TVL (True Vertical Line) method.

    • Professional facial diagnosis can accurately identify a receding or weak chin.

These checks and evaluations can help in determining whether your chin is short or receding and guide appropriate aesthetic treatments.

Receding chin/ weak chin Improvement Treatment


Chin Filler Injection

Achieve a balanced, sculpted chin and defined jawline with our non-surgical chin filler injections. Using the latest techniques and premium fillers, we enhance your natural contours for a refined, proportional look. 

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