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Dry and flaky skin


Is your skin feeling as parched as the Toronto winter? It can be frustrating when no amount of moisturizer seems to combat the dryness, leaving your makeup looking less than flawless—perhaps even a bit scaly or flaky. While dry skin is a common woe, especially in the face of Toronto's cold and dry weather, it's crucial to address it properly. So, what's the best strategy for keeping your skin hydrated in these challenging conditions?


What is dry skin?

The outermost layer of our skin serves as a natural barrier, shielding us from environmental threats while also regulating the skin's water balance. Unfortunately, this protective skin barrier isn't always in peak condition, especially as we age, lead less-than-optimal lifestyles, follow improper skincare routines, or face external irritants. A compromised skin barrier loses its ability to effectively retain water within the stratum corneum. Once the stratum corneum's water content drops below 10%, the skin tends to become dry, rough, cracked, and flaky. Dealing with flaky dry skin is a prevalent issue, particularly for individuals with a dry skin type, and this challenge is further exacerbated by Toronto's harsh weather conditions.


  1. Genetic Factors: Some individuals are genetically predisposed to having dry skin from birth.

  2. Insufficient Water Intake: Not consuming enough water, fruits, and vegetables, coupled with habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, are common among the younger generation and can lead to skin dryness.

  3. Impaired Stratum Corneum: Behaviors like frequent facial exfoliation, and excessive face cleansing, as well as skin conditions like dermatitis and acne outbreaks, can damage the stratum corneum. This damage can cause the skin to dry or even crack.

  4. Vitamin A and C Deficiency: A diet lacking in essential vitamins such as A and C can contribute to skin dryness.

  5. Aging: The aging process results in a diminished function of sebaceous and sweat glands, leading to reduced production of sebum and skin moisture, resulting in drier skin.

  6. Environmental Factors: Certain weather conditions or locations, such as autumn, dry climates, and northern areas, can accelerate skin dehydration.

  7. Skin Diseases: Skin inflammation or diseases can contribute to dry and flaky skin.

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Dehydrated skin presents itself with an unhealthy appearance, including tightness, dullness, cracking, fine dry lines, and flaky makeup. It can also lead to a tingling and sensitive sensation.

Affected People

  1. Dry Skin Types

  2. Flaky Post-Makeup Skin

  3. Dehydrated Skin

  4. Tingling, Sensitive Skin

  5. Dry Skin with Age-related Fine Lines


Effective Treatments for dry skin

1. Hydrafacial

How Hydrafacial Treats Dry Skin:

Hydrafacial treatment utilizes an exclusive formula essence and patented VORTEX two-way vacuum technology to exfoliate the skin, quickly open pores, and non-invasively clear out blackheads, whiteheads, debris, and dirt. Simultaneously, the nourishing essence is absorbed, promoting cellular metabolism and restoring the skin's oil-water balance for a cleaner and healthier complexion. In just 30 minutes, the three-step process of cleansing, extraction, and hydration leaves your skin refreshed. Personalized plans are available based on your skin condition, location, and desired results.


  1. Consultation: Meet with a skincare professional to do a skin analysis and assess your skin and discuss your concerns.

  2. Pre-treatment Preparation: Your skin will be cleansed and prepared for hydrafacial.

  3. Treatment: The device cleanses and exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and surface impurities. It uses gentle suction to extract debris and unclog pores, effectively reducing the appearance of pimples. The skin is infused with nourishing serums that are tailored to address specific concerns, such as acne-prone skin. These serums penetrate deeply, providing intense hydration and essential nutrients to the skin.

  4. Additional Enhancements: LED light therapy helps to target acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation, while lymphatic drainage aids in detoxifying the skin and improving circulation, contributing to the overall improvement of pimple problems.

  5. Post-treatment Care: Medical-grade facial repair cream and sun cream to nourish, repair and protect the skin. 

The result is a clearer, smoother, and more radiant complexion.

Duration: 45 mins

Who is it for:

1. Clogged Pores or Stratum Corneum Buildup
2. Overly Dry or Oily Skin
3. Improper Cleansing or Rough Skin
4. Impaired Skin Barrier
5. Enhanced Texture with Combined Treatments

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Serene Cometic Clinic Hydrafacial

An upscale skincare treatment is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Hydrafacial offers flexibility with treatment tips and essence content, seamlessly complementing other skincare treatments like Beautybooster, Skin Booster, and Picosure. Tailored to address individual skin conditions and desired results, Hydrafacial is the inclusive choice for everyone.

2. Mesotherapy

How Mesotherapy Treats Dry Skin:

Mesotherapy entails the injection of hyaluronic acid and various nutrients into the dermis. The dermal cells absorb these nutrients through osmotic absorption, activating cellular activity and promoting collagen and elastic fibroblast proliferation. This process helps smooth depressed scars, improve pigmentation, deeply hydrate, and reduce wrinkles. The result is an enhanced skin texture, improved overall skin condition, and a silky-smooth complexion.


  1. Consultation: Meet with a skincare professional to do a skin analysis and assess your skin and discuss your concerns.

  2. Pre-treatment Preparation: Your skin will be cleansed and prepared for the mesotherapy.

  3. Cleansing: The treatment area is cleaned to remove any impurities.

  4. Numbing: Numbing Cream will be applied to minimize discomfort.

  5. Injection: Small injections of a customized mixture of beneficial substances are administered into the targeted areas.

  6. Post-treatment Care: Medical-grade facial repair cream and sun cream to nourish, repair and protect the skin. 

Duration: 45 mins

Who is it for:

  1. Dehydrated or Dry Skin

  2. Poor Oil-Water Balance

  3. Flaky Skin Post-Makeup

  4. Impaired Skin Barrier

  5. Dry Skin and Fine Lines


Serene Cometic Clinic Mesotherapy

The injection of a solution containing moisturizing ingredients and nutrients provides the skin with the necessary hydration and nutrients to improve dry skin issues.

3Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Treatment

How PRP Treats Dry Skin:

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy stimulates skin regeneration by using the body's own growth factors. Injected into the dermis, PRP promotes collagen production, improves skin elasticity, and enhances hydration. This natural approach revitalizes dry skin, restoring a smoother and more radiant complexion. 


  1. Consultation: Meet with a nurse to discuss your skin concerns and assess your suitability for PRP therapy.

  2. Blood Extraction: A small blood sample is taken from your arm, similar to a regular blood test.

  3. Blood Centrifugation: The blood sample is spun in a centrifuge machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from other blood components.

  4. PRP Extraction: The PRP, which is rich in platelets and growth factors, is collected for the treatment.

  5. Treatment Preparation: The treatment area, usually the face, is cleansed and prepared for the procedure.

  6. PRP Application: The extracted PRP is applied to the skin or injected into the treatment area using a fine needle.

  7. Recovery and Aftercare: You may experience mild redness or swelling, which typically resolves within a few days. 

Duration: 45-60 mins

Who is it for:

  • Individuals with Facial Redness and Sensitive Skin

  • Those with Long-Term Whitehead Problems

  • People with Large Pores, Rough Skin, and Dull Complexion

  • Individuals with Acne, Acne Scars, Pits, and Hyperpigmentation

  • Those with Impaired Skin Barrier

  • People Seeking Combined PRP and Mesotherapy Treatment

PRP treatment for hair loss and skin rejuvenation.jpg

Serene Cometic Clinic PRP

PRP effectively addresses dry skin by harnessing the healing power of your blood. Platelets rich in growth factors are extracted and applied to the skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting cell regeneration. This natural process enhances hydration, leaving your skin rejuvenated, moisturized, and visibly healthier.

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